Case studies; brand systems, websites, product.


Helping C0C0 put the CC0 license on the map.

Brand System, site, and product styling for C0C0, a collective focused on acquiring CC0 NFTs and supporting CC0 projects. The brand system prominently features OW Steel, a typeface developed by Open Window. The brand system and site helped the DAO recieve more than $2M in total value

Making the museum feel more like a museum. 

From 2014-2019 I led the Digital Department at MOCA. Major projects include the redesign of, resulting in a 24 percent increase in sessions YOY and a 19 percent drop in bounce rate. Additionally, we built a digital strategy that resulted in average 25% YOY growth across all social platforms for 5 years.

ANS M & Kelman Duran started Scorpio Red, I provided the monochrome.

The label releases vinyl, digital music, commissioned essays, and prints. We made a stark brand system, and functional website so they could easily grow. The layout is an updated look at 1970's art publications; more expressive, more spaced-out, and more indexical.

Redd Accounting

Our positioning helped Redd grow to 80+ employees, in it’s first 3 months.

I articulated Redd’s employment of outsourcing as a superior business structure, like an improved technology, vastly differentiating it from market competitors and helping to scale the company to 80+ within its first 3 months.

Art for Philadelphia

Our efforts got money where it needed to go. 

Site, identity, and ecomm to sell over 400 editioned prints, generating $150k for three different charity funds. The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Philadelphia Museum of  Art, and the Tate Modern, London, and the Museum of Modern Art, all acquired works from the project for their permanent collections.
Making a technical brand product feel cool.

Concept, content strategy, and content. An effort to build the brand, it achieved a 27 percent increase in followers and 2.6 million impressions 1 month after relaunch.